What do poems generated by an AI poet look like?

Editor: Hainan Yu
Date: 2/11/2020

Recently we have received three posts of Japanese style poems anounced written by an LSTM intelligent agent. Although there are only three samples posted, their styles coverd political, realism, and even Sci-Fi. Can’t believe it? I invite you to check these admirable poems together with me!

Freaking Conductor

Here is the first one:

Freaking vega conductor
Embassy moonmisted beside justins butt
Lettres super predictions

(Poster made via PosterMaker)


The freaking conductor of Vega is standing beside his friend Justin’s cigerette butt in front of the moonmist-enclosed embassy buildings, labelling letters on their astonishing predictions.

Editor’s comment:

This an very impressive poem generated by the system. It describes a fierce figure of a diplomatic conductor and his actions vividly.

Amazing right? Let’s take a look of the second one.

Play penalty beside fountain

Corrosion december clapping

Penalty played fountain flight flight

Vibe fish character


Around fading out clapping sound in December, the football player just finished a penalty kick, while the drops flied from the fountain and fish in the pond characterized a vibe.

Editor’s comment:

I would like to call it a rustic realism poem.

Greg Astronaut and His Teddy Pirate friends

Aboard ferry delusional
Greg deciding ted invitation pirates
Beanstalks spare solo


Greg at the space ship (ferry) is dreaming delusionally while deciding an invitation to ted pirates, which makes his Beanstalks (space elevator) spare (nobody uses it).

Editor’s comment:

Well I could never imagine we got a Sci-Fi style haiku-like poem.

Although there exists some problems (particularly regarding grammars and words’ order) in these poems, they still feels interesting.

Curious about how it works and the future work? Check this github code!